The Confident Woman

Do you wish you had more confidence in social situations? When speaking in public? When pursuing your career or hobby? Are you holding yourself back due to a lack of confidence? Do you ever feel you are “just not good enough”?

Would you like to move forward in life feeling more confident, positive and in control?

The Confident Woman hypnotherapy sessions aim to help you become the person you want to be and let go of any beliefs that are holding you back.

Increased self-confidence will help you make positive change to all aspects of your life, whether it’s with your family, in relationships or at work.

Your confidence and self-esteem is directly related to the beliefs that you have about yourself and the world you live in. Our beliefs help make up our internal map of reality but are often passed down to us from our family, teachers, friends and from sources such as the media.
A lack of confidence may be linked to past messages that significant adults in our lives have given us . . . ‘you’re stupid’ . . . ’you can’t do that’ . . . ’don’t show off. We can become vulnerable in these areas and they can be carried through to our adult lives leading to rejection in relationships, money worries, weight gain, ‘feeling stuck’ – still affecting our beliefs in the present. We learn to lack confidence and as such we can unlearn it as well.
Even the most outwardly confident people at work may be lacking in confidence in other areas of their life, perhaps in their relationships or health and fitness.

The Confident Woman

Working together I will aim to help you:

  • Allow yourself to make the changes necessary to allow you to let go of any negative emotions or beliefs.
  • Regain a feeling that you may have lost touch with.
  • Learn effective self-help techniques that you can use yourself to transform unwanted feelings into something more positive and useful – allowing you to be calm and in control.
  • Help you to prepare for any specific events

Women are often surprised at the inner strengths and capabilities they have and just need some help finding them, so they can learn how to use them in a new way. My aim will be to help you move forward in your life, feeling more confident and more in control.

Please contact me for your initial free, no obligation consultation to discuss what you would like to achieve and to ask any questions you may have. I will then recommend a suitable treatment plan for you.